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While I was in graduate school, I became more obsessed with the space we surrounded ourselves in.  I wanted our space to reflect who we were-whether that was through color or through objects that meant something to us.  Being broke graduate students living in a tiny 1900's era home we had to be very resourceful, but that just fueled my creativity and experimentation. 

We may have repainted rooms three times in the short time we lived there, but I saw how much a space could impact how we felt.  

We then moved to a suburban 90’s home that had not been updated since my matching bedspread and curtain days.  Really-the counters were mauve and honey oak covered most surfaces.  Which really were just more opportunities to be creative and add ourselves to the space.  I started a blog to document our adventures and it was featured on multiple websites including HGTV and Apartment Therapy. 

I also fell head over heels for modern quilting.  I was a founding member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild in 2010 and this is when my creativity really exploded.  (You can read a little more about my quilting journey and the guild in this Kansas City Star article) . I loved the community-and my love of quilting gave me a invaluable education in color, scale and composition.  I also was making things that were beautiful and told our personal story because I created them and could not be purchased anywhere else.