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I love creating special art for special people...

Sometimes you cannot find the perfect painting for your space or have specific colors and sizes in mind.  No worries!  I love creating commissions and have developed an easy and fun process for us to you receive the perfect piece of art for your space.  Here is how it works-

Decide on the size of your desired art.  If you have a space in mind and you are unsure of the size of art to fill it, you can send me a picture and I am able to insert different sizes into the space to help with your decision. 

After the size is chosen, I will send you a commission proposal and contract.  My commission fee is 25% in addition to my standard original art pricing.  The additional charge allows me to spend the necessary time perfecting all the details for your specific piece of art.  50% of the total price is required to secure your place on my commission calendar. 

Now for the fun part!  I will send you a questionnaire which will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect colors and composition for your new art.  I am not able to re-create a specific piece exactly, but I know through collaboration we will make some beautiful just for you.  You can also send me paint or fabric swatches to ensure your new art is perfect for your space! Based on your input, I will play with color and send a color study (or two or three) for your approval.

Once the specific colors are decided, I will get to work on your special piece.  I will send you a picture for final approval before signing and sealing your new art.

If for some reason, you are not happy with your commissioned piece, and I am not able to modify it, no worries!  Your 50% deposit can be applied to anything in my shop.

The final payment is due and then I ship or deliver your art.  Then you get to enjoy it each and every day…and know it was created just for you. 

doesn't that sound like fun?

If you are interested in getting started with the process or just want more information (including a pricelist), just email me at!