hello! i'm jenny...an abstract artist who loves to watch ink dry.

i love creating happy art...i am on a mission to fill spaces with color and joy.

My Story

For a long as I can remember I have loved creating.  It did not matter if that involved paper or embroidery floss or stencils or pastels, I just wanted to make something. 

When it came time to make a decision about what I wanted to be when I grew up, creativity was an escape and not a career choice in my mind. Instead I focused on my interests with working with children and studied to become a School Psychologist, keeping my creativity for myself.  For many years after college, I sewed and DIYed and quilted and blogged and enjoyed making our suburban 90's house a home.  

and then i discovered paint...

When I started working with fluid mediums and inks, I attempted to control it all-the opacity, how it flowed, where it went, how quickly it dried, what shapes it made, etc.  This mindset caused great frustration and zero joy.

So I boxed up the paints, placed them on the shelf for awhile and returned to my sewing machine. 

But I could not stop thinking about them... 

Then I lowered my expectations and observed.  I allowed myself to create for the fun of it and worry about what it would look like in the end.  My frustration evaporated and the lack of control became meditative and intoxicating.  

then i painted and practiced and painted some more...

want to know more even more about me? here are some random tidbits-