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Hi I’m Jenny. I am an abstract artist who loves to create happy. Color is my love language.

I am firm believer that the spaces we surround ourself should reflect who we are and our story. There is enough pain and sadness in the world and our space should bring us a slice of joy everyday.  

I am on a mission to fill spaces with color and joy….and to make sure that your space does not look like anyone else’s. I love to create art that makes you smile.

My Story

Growing up, I never envisioned myself becoming a full time artist.  Of course I was obsessed with making things- whether that was with paper, stencils, or embroidery.  But most of my creative energy was not spent on anything specific and ironically I never picked up paints.  Most of my creative experimentation involved decorating my bedroom- painting and repainting the walls, creating a collage of magazine photos on my door and picking out the perfect matching comforter and pillow shams for my bedroom (in my defense, it was the 90's).

When it came time to choose a major, I saw my creativity as an escape or a hobby and not a career choice.  Instead, I decided to focus on my love of working with kids.  So I studied and became a School Psychologist.

For the next 12 years, I worked as a School Psychologist and used my art and creativity as my “coping strategy”.  I enjoyed my job in both the middle and high school setting and kept creating at night and on the weekends.

While I was in graduate school, I became more obsessed with the space we surrounded ourselves in.  I wanted our space to reflect who we were-whether that was through color or through objects that meant something to us.  Being broke graduate students living in a tiny 1900's era home we had to be very resourceful, but that just fueled my creativity and experimentation. 

We may have repainted rooms three times in the short time we lived there, but I saw how much a space could impact how we felt.  

We then moved to a suburban 90’s home that had not been updated since my matching bedspread and curtain days.  Really-the counters were mauve and honey oak covered most surfaces.  Which really were just more opportunities to be creative and add ourselves to the space.  I started a blog to document our adventures and it was featured on multiple websites including HGTV and Apartment Therapy. 

I also fell head over heels for modern quilting.  I was a founding member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild in 2010 and this is when my creativity really exploded.  (You can read a little more about my quilting journey and the guild in this Kansas City Star article) . I loved the community-and my love of quilting gave me a invaluable education in color, scale and composition.  I also was making things that were beautiful and told our personal story because I created them and could not be purchased anywhere else. 

Then I discovered paint and ink…

Wow.  All of a sudden my sewing room was sharing space with ink. I fell in love creating and experimenting with these mediums and learning everything I could about them.  

In the beginning it was all about the joy I experienced while I was painting- and adding more smiles to the walls of our home.  But when you are painting all of the time, you start to run out of space.  There were only so many blank walls in my home, so I brought some pieces to my office at work.

(A school psychologist’s office needs all the happy it can get.)

Then the magic happened - seeing how people responded to my art

"Look at the Color"
"What Happy Art"
"I Smile Every Time I Look at Those Colors"
"This Makes Me Happy"
"This one Reminds Me of our Vacation in the Caribbean"


All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my brain.  Not only was creating the art making me happy, but it was providing a slice of joy to others.

So this School Psychologist took a leap and started selling her art.  And a year later, I was able to leave my job to pursue art full time.

While the jobs are completely different on the surface, they both give me the ability to bring a bit of happy into people's days and their lives. 

Now I am just doing it with color...which brings me joy each and every day.

When you are ready to bring a little slice of art and joy to your space, sign up below for a wallpaper (it's free). Then, you can look forward to a new piece of happy being delivered to your inbox monthly to change up your background as you please.

some other random tidbits...

  • While I have never met a color that I did not like, I really cannot get enough of blue and greens.   I usually attribute this to being the mother of two rambunctious boys, but honestly my deep love for navy was burning bright before they were in the picture.
  • I grew up in St. Louis, but Kansas City is now our home.  I love the four seasons of the midwest and how each one is unique and helps to mark the passage of time.
  • I now have two studios in my home as paint and fabric do not mix.  Or mix well.  And who really needs space for workout equipment anyway?
  • My husband is my creative partner in crime-whether that is constructing something for the house, torching resin for me on a piece of art, or being manual labor at all my events.
  • It has taken me over thirty years of living and seven years of psychological training to embrace that I am an introvert and there is nothing wrong with me when I want to stay home alone to paint or read or create.  
  • Lit string lights over a patio make me insanely happy.
  • So does coffee. And picking flowers from our yard for bouquets.
  • I am trying really hard to be a morning person.  I am not quite there.