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Week Four-One Room Challenge-I Hate Sewing Drapes

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  (catch up on Week 1,  Week 2  and Week 3 ...and make sure you check in with the other guest participants to see what they are up to in their rooms).  So much good stuff!



I love to sew and quilt.  In fact, modern quilting was my first creative love over 12 years ago and while my paints have taken over my old sewing space, I still have a little sewing nook in our basement. 

I also love fabric.  In a room, I have heart eyes for black and white drapes with a fun pattern.  In fact, this space is last room on main floor that needed a black and white drape makeover.  I give you Exhibit A (the office and playroom)-

And Exhibit B (the dining room)-

In each of these rooms I have sewn the drapes myself.  I have the skills and equipment and the love of sewing so it should be a simple and fun project, right?


Each time I embark on a new drape creating project, I am initially blinded by all the fabric goodness and forget much I hate the actual task- until after I have spent hours cutting, straightening and ironing long pieces of fabric.  There is not much creativity in sewing six panels of drapes-just a lot of tedium.  Also you have to be so precise on long stretches of fabric- otherwise your drapes will be too short or too long...or you will be ripping seams.  So when you think custom drapes are expensive, know that they are worth every single penny.

Anyway, I will stop complaining because they are done! 

And I love them! 

And I will forget how much I hated the process every time I look at them because they make me smile every time I walk in the room!  

What's next?  Finishing up those built-ins that you see in the corner and then the details.  Oh and then the best part- the art!  Stay tuned for Week 5 next week!

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