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Week 5-One Room Challenge-Built-ins and Details

Well we are in the final stretch of the One Room Challenge!  Gulp.  One more week and I am feeling like there is still a whole lot to do.  In case you missed the progress over the past couple of weeks, catch up on Week 1 Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4...and make sure you check in with the other guest participants to see what they are up to in their rooms.  We are getting so close to the finish line!

If last week was all about the drapes, this week was all about the details.  My new velvet chair covers arrived (early) and I love how they dress up these IKEA chairs.  Also their slipcover-ness appeases my kid friendly goal for this room.

Then more progress on the built-ins happened.  These "built-ins" are actually IKEA Billy bookshelves trimmed with a wood counter and molding to make them look custom and less IKEA-like. 

The caulk was not dry and I was already stacking books on top of them.  There is just something about piles of books that makes me happy.  We still need to add hardware, but these are just about done.  

The final detail this week was deciding pillow options.  For some reason, throw pillows have always been my decorating achilles heel.  I am not exactly sure why this is, but it has persisted.  Maybe because I prefer picking out fabric for quilts and I can't say no to a good pattern?   Also two little boys play rough with my pillows in all of their fort building and this is what happens when I think that we are ready for silk pillow covers.  

But week knew I needed to figure out a plan so I could buy fabric to sew my own or order what I wanted. I spent an entire afternoon looking at pillow combination inspiration on pinterest, gathering all the pillow options that I currently had in the house (no room was safe) and laying all the colors of fabric on the pillow forms (good thing I have a lot in my stash in the sewing room).  Finally all the possibilities were added to a very large online shopping cart.  

I finally thought I had it all figured out when I asked my husband's opinion.

"It's too much"

"What?  How can it be too much?  I finally am happy with it.  I really put a lot of thought into this."

"Do what you want, but I think it's too much"

And after I was mad at myself for asking his opinion, I realized he could be correct.

I know.

 So we played around with some more fabric options, decided that sewing pillows was not in the timeline and ordered four solid navy blue covers from West Elm.  

And this time I think I got it right.  All because he was was right.  Maybe I should listen to him more??  At least on pillows.

So we have one week to go and I am feeling a little anxious about all there is left to do.  I have to paint, paint, paint, paint to create the perfect art for this room.  I have been putting it off because they sent me the wrong size of board. 

Then I was promised that they would reship right away. 

And then they emailed me to let me know that the size I wanted was out of stock until the end of November.

Whomp Whomp.

So I am going to make it work with what I have.  I also ordered art from another artist I love and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive in time.



Here is my to-do list for the next week-

-paint lots of amazing art in many unplanned sizes and then hang on the wall in a pleasing manner. 

-Add accessories and all the (solid) pillows.

-Style it pretty

It does not sound like a lot, but number 1 is going to take time.  But it is the most exciting part of this project for me.

I excited to see it all come together and then post the reveal next week!  

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02 November, 2018

Hilary L Hahn

I like the way your built-ins came out!

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