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Week 3- One Room Challenge- The Frame TV by Samsung, Black Paint and Fabric!

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  (catch up on Week 1 here and Week 2 here...and make sure you check in with the other guest participants to see what they are up to in their rooms). 

When we left the family room refresh last week, we were deciding on TV placement.  After lots of back and forth, the spot above the fireplace was chosen.

Ready to hear all my personal musings about TVs?  If not, I would skip the next couple of paragraphs. 

So here it is- I do not watch much TV and really could care less about the size etc.  I am more concerned about how a room functions and how a room looks and how a room makes people feel who are sitting in it.  I have never really given the design of a TV a second thought.  A TV is a TV right?

Until now.

We decided to purchase The Frame TV by Samsung.  If we were going to have to have a TV in this space, I wanted it to resemble a piece of art as much as possible.  I appreciated the frame design of this TV as it hung flush to the wall, dimmed when it was in art mode, and we could load any piece of art or photograph into it and change it easily.  But honestly, I was still pretty ambivalent about the whole thing.

Then it was hung (after a couple of trips to the hardware store because the builder did not have studs exactly where we needed them to be). 

 And with its special mount, it really did look like a frame just hanging on the wall.  

The way this TV works is that it has a single slim clear cord that runs down and connects to a small black box.  This box is what is plugged into the wall and what you run all your other devices to.  In our case this, box will live in the to-be-built built-ins on the right side of the fireplace. 

My husband is happy with how the TV performed as a regular TV.  It is a nice TV.  But we were both really surprised just how much we both loved the art mode. 

I will do a full review once the room is all together and we live with the TV for a longer period...but I can't stop smiling right now every time I look at the TV.  Which is a new (but pleasant) experience for me. 

The other thing that happened this week was that I painted the the trim on the fireplace black to match the aforementioned built-ins that are still coming.  The black paint already gives the fireplace a much greater presence in the space and I can't wait to see it next to the built-ins.

So what's next (besides staring lovingly at my new art/tv)?  If you were watching my Instagram stories this past week, you saw our fun decision making process for drape fabric.  We hung a sample of my favorite option with (always professional) chip clips and declared it was a winner. 

So now I have a very large roll of the black and white goodness, ready to be transformed into six lined drapery panels.  

 Bring on Week 4 and all the sewing and built-in installation!

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09 April, 2019


Thanks for this blog!!!

23 October, 2018


I love a bold, geometric print … and this certainly qualifies! Your fabric is similar to one of the fabrics I used in our vintage camper. Where did you find your fabric? Mine was probably from Joanne’s or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes I buy fabric on-line, but I have a better experience getting what I want if I can touch the fabric.

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