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Week 2 - One Room Challenge- Couches, TVs and Art Colors!

We are already on Week 2 of the One Room Challenge!



This week I am focusing on not just planning our new Family Room, but starting to make some progress towards that grand plan.

(If you want to catch up on the details, check out Week 1 here)

 One of the first thing we started with was new couches. 

I mentioned it last week, but the layout of this room made us struggle repeatedly with furniture arrangement.  There are four doorways and a wall of windows... and no great place to put the TV (we will come back to that one later).  So before deciding on the size of couch, we arranged and rearranged our current old furniture until we had a working idea of what sizes of furniture we needed. A whole lot of measuring and moving and then staring and then moving again happened.

One of the main reasons we needed new furniture was our two little boys.  They are rambunctious and love to build and create and climb.  Which makes my creative mom heart so happy.  But our two leather chairs were destroyed and our microfiber couch (which I did not love anyway) had seen much better days even after cleaning.

After looking at all the options, we decided that slipcovers were the way to go.  Slipcovers on replaceable furniture- as in furniture I would be OK with replacing in a couple of years.  My boys are still little. And they still have all the energy.  We want them to feel at home in this space and use every square inch of it. 

Taking all of these considerations in play, we decided on two IKEA Farlov loveseats.  I love the washability of the slipcover and the shape of the arms on this sofa.  I also love the knowledge that I can buy replacement slipcovers from IKEA or another company down the road.  

There is also the added bonus that you have the privilege of putting them together yourself. 

Even after we made this decision and bought the loveseats home, there was still much rearranging to find the perfect set-up.  We also decided that instead of a accent chair, we would use two IKEA Bemz sidechairs that I had in my old office.  They are incredibly comfortable for a chair with such a small profile.  And I found the perfect slipcover to make them look less IKEA-like.  It will take a couple of weeks to arrive, but it is on its way.

So after the couches were in, it was nice to see some progress in the space.  There is way too much white in this picture for my tastes, but it is progress.

Next up, we tackled taking out the old bookshelves and adding the bones of the new built-ins.  

Which brought up a long discussion on TV placement.  

If it were up to me, this room would not have a TV (or a ceiling fan).  But, as I mentioned before, I am not the only person living here and this room needs to be functional for the entire family.  So the original plan was to place the TV above the shelves on the right side. 

But after it was set on the fireplace during demo, we went back and forth on the idea of where it should be located.


Back and forth.  Multiple Times.  

Once the shelves went up, we also talked about art.  When I work with clients, I enjoy placing art via photoshop into photos of their spaces to help them visualize the proper size.  Since I had this painting that had it first layer down (it is not complete), it was fun to physically move it around in the space.  With a can of spackle holding it up to keep it real.

It was also fun to treat myself as a commission client.  I have never created a specific piece of art with our home in mind and it was fun to switch roles.  When I am working on a commissioned painting, I first complete color studies to share with my client to make sure we are on the same page with color and how the chosen colors look next to each other.  I spent an afternoon in the studio and I came up with this color cobination for our family room.  How do you think these colors will look on the wall?


Now we just need to figure out where that TV is going to end up so I can start painting.  Stay tuned for our progress next week!

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