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The Reveal!- One Room Challenge-Our Colorful and Art-Filled Family Room!

The One Room Challenge is complete!  I was scrambling a little bit at the end to finish creating art for the room (and the Fed Ex man brought me some art as the sun was setting on my photoshoot).  But it is done and I am so excited about how it turned out.  I cannot wait to share it with you!  This room feels happy and just like "us" now.

In case you missed the last weeks of how we have been transforming this room, make sure you catch up here-

Week 1- The Plan

Week 2- Couches and TV

Week 3- The Frame, Black Paint and Fabric

Week 4- Sewing Drapes

Week 5- Built Ins and Details

In a 10 second catch-up- we were a guest participant of the One Room Challenge this fall and had an amazing time giving our awkward family room a facelift.  There is so much inspiration from the other featured designers and guest participants....make sure you check them out!


I will stop blabbering and just show you where we are now.  The After!

A colorful, art filled, little boy friendly space that we cannot wait to spend more time in.

In case you have forgotten, this is where we came from...

and came from originally...

Our family room was tough and it had been "redone" before because we just could not get it right.  This room is difficult to place furniture because of so many doorways and it is just an odd size.  Multiple homes that have the same floor plan actually decided to close off a wall to make it work.  

But I am happy to report that we made it work this time....

I am passionate about spaces telling stories so when we designed this room, it needed to tell ours.  Things we love needed to be front and center-

-art (my art as well as art from other artists)



....and it also needed to be little boy friendly.  This meant that everything had to be able to be washed, furniture needed the ability to be scooted to allow for lots of play and creativity and the space needed spots to store toys. 

So let's start with kid friendly.  The "builts ins" are actually IKEA bookshelves that were trimmed out to look fabulous and to be flush to the fireplace.  They also hold lots of toys and board games. 

The sofas are also kid friendly with their washable slipcovers (someone may have already spilled red wine all over one of them-and that someone would be me).  So they are also adult-friendly.

Also the side chairs have a (replaceable) velvet slipcover that the boys love for its softness.  It also can be popped into the wash.

Another fabric that is up for the "two rambunctious little boy challenge" is the fabric I chose for the drapes.

In addition to be a tough fabric, I love the graphic pattern that gives punch to the room.

Finally, in the "child and husband friendly" portion of the room, it also includes a TV.

I wrote about my love for Samsung's The Frame TV back in week 3, and I think I love it even more in this finished room.  We can change the art displayed on it on a whim... and when it is off it reads like another piece of art in the room.

Our story is also told in the details that make it unique to us. I hand dyed all the fabric in this quilt with my friend Kim Eichler-Messmer and then created the quilt.  It was a big part of the color inspiration in the room and I smile each time I see it on the couch or someone cuddled up in it.

The coffee table includes rocks we picked up from the beach on vacation in California and a scooter that reminds us of our trip to Italy.

I also know that when I put interesting books on the coffee table, my boys will pick them up and read them (a little tip I picked up from Design Mom).  So these books are not just decorative items.  They are meant to be flipped through and I will rotate them frequently...because there is just something about a new book that makes you want to pick it up.

Finally, one of my favorite aspects about this room is the art.  I know...surprise surprise.  The plan was to have one large piece on top of each built-in.  Knowing I was on tight deadline, I ordered the correct size before the challenge even started.  But the supplier of the boards I paint on sent me four in the 24 x 36in size instead.  They promised to fix it, but then emailed me to tell me that the size I wanted was out of stock until the end of the month.  Whomp. Whomp.  So in the spirit of making it work, I went with the four.  I love the color and fun they bring to the room and all the inky details. And don't forget about the texture and the pops of gold.


While I love my art of course, I also love art from other artists.  I believe that having varied art in a room makes it even more interesting and collected.

When I originally designed this space, I was planning on using art I already owned from Beau Jones.  

But right before the end of the challenge, I saw another piece I loved of his that he posted on Instagram.  And Fed Ex delivered it right as the sun was setting on my photo shoot the night before the end of the challenge.  My husband wired it very quickly and I was able to capture a photo of all its amazingness.

It is constructed entirely out of bobby pins.  I just love how unique and fun it is.

I also still love the face pictures of his so they are going to live up in our bedroom I believe.  That is the beauty of buying art you can move it to any spot in your home and continue to love it.

I now love spending time in this room and I smile each time I walk in.  I just feels like "us".









Loveseats- IKEA Farlov

Side Chairs- IKEA NILS (sadly discontinued) with Comfort Works Slipcovers

Rug- Nebraska Furniture Mart

Coffee Table- Nebraska Furniture Mart

Built-ins- IKEA BILLY with doors

Drapes- Nate Berkus Ondine Paramount Onyx Fabric

Lamp- Homegoods

Navy Pillows- West Elm

Spotted Pillow- Tonic Living

Other Pillows- Homegoods

Fur Throw- West Elm

Knitted Throw- West Elm

Clock- Wayfair

TV- Samsung The Frame

Art- Jenny Johannsen :)

Art- Beau Jones

It was such a fun six weeks and I am so happy with our new family room space!  I hope you also enjoyed following along!

Comments (3 Responses)

07 December, 2018

Andre Faulkner

Madly in love with the whole look, but the art and book displays are utterly fabulous! I’m all about comfort, color and texture, and you’ve brought it all into one welcoming, livable, lovely space. Thank you, too, for the discovery of Beau Jones. Bobby pins??? Incredibly crazy and amazing piece! Congrats & great job!

08 November, 2018


Great job Jenny. You have managed to make it look both beautiful and comfy. I love your artwork and am planning on trying my hand at some alcohol ink in the future. Nice job with the IKEA cabinets flanking the fireplace. And look at you colour coordinating your books!! (heart!!)

08 November, 2018


Love. LOVE. L O V E! Goes to show durable doesnt have to be brown and ugly. Such a great way to display your books.

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