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One Room Challenge- Week 1- The Family Room Plan

Once upon a time I used to blog. Before the boys came into the picture, my creative energy was focused on painting, designing and DIYing our 90's suburban home. (It had mauve countertops so you can imagine the amount of help that was necessary).  I blogged quite frequently back then and loved sharing all the projects that helped to update our home.  Head over here to see what we used to be up to(warning-my photography skills have increased greatly in the last ten years).

Since becoming an artist, that interest has shifted to creating beautiful pieces that help to create beautiful spaces. One of the reasons I am drawn to color and creating art that makes people smile is that I want to create spaces that make people feel happy when they are in them. I love the process of creating art, but I love seeing it complete spaces lights me up even more.

Our family room is a space that needs a such a makeover. A makeover that will involve a lot of color and a lot of art. 

Ready for some "before" pictures?

First- here it was in all it's red and honey oak goodness when we first purchased the house.

 That fan is amazing, right?

Then we painted the walls green, updated the fireplace and added a whole lot of brown.


And then we painted the walls gray and rearranged again. 

And even with all of these "befores", I think I am missing a couple of furniture re-arrangements.

Why so much change?

First of all, this room has a very awkward layout.  There are so many doorways and really no good place to set a TV.  The two other families that we know that have our floorplan have actually closed up a doorway with drywall because it is just so hard to set up furniture in the space. I have really struggled with getting it right.

Also, we originally purchased furniture for this room before we had two rambunctious little boys.   And now, one by one, that furniture has bit the dust.  First a leather chair, and then a coffee table, and then a couch, and then a second leather chair.

So what's the plan?  This-

In designing this room, we talked a lot about what we need the space to do.

We need seating and all furniture needs to be kid friendly.  I am passionate believer that this is their house as well as ours and they should be welcome in all spaces.  And those spaces should function to meet their needs as well as be aesthetically pleasing for adults. #tallorder

But after losing multiple pieces of furniture to little boys, I value a good (washable) slipcover.  We have a comfy basement entertaining space with a TV for movie and sports nights, but our family room still (unfortunately) needs a TV as well.

Since it is our main living space, I want this room to reflect what is important to us- kids, color, art, books, quilts and conversation.   I think our design plan covers all of those bases.

Ready for a super technical sketch of what I am thinking for the main wall?

The fireplace and tile is staying, but will be repainted black which will match the new cabinets and provide color contrast in the room.  The main wall will be filled with art (and a TV). The couches will be replaced as well as the drapes. New accessories and new fabrics are arriving soon and will add some personality to the room.

I have never felt content in this room since we moved in 11 years ago-something has just felt off. 

I am so excited to share how we makeover the space...and how you can use art to makeover your space as well.

I will share our progress on this space over the next six weeks of the One Room Challenge.  Each week I will blog about our progress on the space.  I will also post some things on Instagram/Facebook and some behind the scenes action in my stories. If you want to see what the other Guest Participants and Featured Designers are up to, hop onto the One Room Challenge website to follow along!



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